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Gateway Garden Ridge is conveniently located in Mandaluyong City along EDSA. The location of Gateway Garden Ridge is one of the most convincing factors. It is situated beside the newly built Robinsons Place Pioneer Mall. Gateway Garden Ridge is the most centrally located residential complex in Robinsons Cybergate Complex. 

This region is a prime region for a lot of BPOs and call centers which makes it a place that stays quite busy and occupied all throughout. Such a busy location ensures high returns in the future which are expected to keep on incrementing with each passing day. Therefore, if a wise investment option is what you're looking for then Gateway Garden Ridge is the place to pick. 

Gateway Garden Ridge is a community that stays conveniently complimented by a vast road network. There are three MRT Stations located in the extreme close vicinity which offer quick and convenient transportation facility to various places of supreme importance. 

There are a number of restaurants and eateries located close to Gateway Garden Ridge. Some of the many places located just a few meters away include Tokyo Cafe, Country Style, Ambers, Sandwich Guy, Gongcha. One can anytime head to any of these places by merely walking for a few minutes. 

There are a lot of shopping malls located well within one-kilometer distance of Gateway Garden Ridge. Some of the various malls include Unimec Supermarket, Forum Robinsons, Mart One as well as Guadalupe Nuevo Wet Dry Market. Apart from these shopping malls, there are various retail counters located close to Gateway Garden Ridge which makes life easy and hassle-free.

A number of educational establishments are available close to Gateway Garden Ridge which makes the lives of children of Gateway Garden Ridge easier and comfortable. They get to save a lot of their traveling time which can be wisely put to effective use. A few of the educational hubs located within a kilometer's distance include Cembo Elementary School, Barangka Ilaya Integrated High School, Our Lady of Guadalupe Minor Seminary, Barangka Ilaya Elementary School as well as San Jose Elementary School. Availability of such reputed names surely invests a lot in the career of the kids of the region.

There are various health care centers, clinics as well as hospitals located in the close neighborhood of Gateway Garden Ridge. Some of the healthcare centers located nearby include Makabayan Health Center located around one and a half kilometers away, Primary Healthcare Center located at a distance of less than a kilometer, Unciano General located around half a kilometer away, Mauway Health Center located slightly more than a kilometer away as well as Victoria R. Potenciano Medical Center located around a kilometer away. Having such convenient medical setups in such easy reach is a major pro that Gateway Garden Ridge flaunts. This ensures that one can any and every time meets emergencies that might arise out of nowhere. 

Concluding, the location of Gateway Garden Ridge is such that no essential commodity or establishment seems away from easy reach. Rather the location is such that all that one desires is way too closely available offering a lifestyle like never before.

Restaurants :

  • Tokyo Cafe - 0.05 km
  • Ambers - 0.13 km
  • Gongcha - 0.20 km
  • Sandwich Guy - 0.20 km
  • Country Style - 0.28 km

Malls :

  • Forum Robinsons - 0.21 km
  • Guadalupe Nuevo Wet Dry Market - 0.37 km
  • Unimec Supermarket - 0.38 km
  • Mart One - 0.42 km
  • Savemore Light Residence - 0.52 km

Schools :

  • Barangka Ilaya Integrated High School - 0.32 km
  • Barangka Ilaya Elementary School - 0.38 km
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Minor Seminary - 0.40 km
  • San Jose Elementary School - 0.57 km
  • Cembo Elementary School - 0.60 km

Hospitals :

  • Unciano General Hospital - 0.59 km
  • Victor R. Potenciano Medical Center - 0.91 km
  • Primary Health Care Center - 0.96 km
  • Mauway Health Center - 1.12 km
  • Makabayan Health Center - 1.14 km
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