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An elegant, healthy as well as, balanced lifestyle is what you can lead at Gateway Garden Ridge residential community. It offers a wide range of amenities and features that allows life to be fun. The property accommodates wide open areas that are covered with lush greenery. This adds on to the beauty of the property and also contributes to keeping the property pollution free and calm. 

There is a swimming pool available on the property that allows the residents to lead a life luxuriously. One can relax to the core on heated summer days and nights in the cool waters of the pool. There is also a kid’s pool available on the property. This allows the kids to enjoy themselves as well. They can enjoy with their friends and also learn to swim right at their residing place. With the provision of these two different pools, both the elders as well as the kids get to enjoy themselves. 

There is a playground available at Gateway Garden Ridge for the use of the residents. This playground is leveled as well as large where the kids can play with their friends and family. This amenity plays an important role in keeping the kids active and energetic as they get involved in various outdoor activities.

Today is a time when almost every individual is supremely concerned about their fitness. This leads them to hit some fitness center or gymnasium. Gateway Garden Ridge accommodates a fitness center with all the top class equipment such that the residents can stay fit while working out at their own residing space. This in turn also leads to saving a lot of traveling time for the residents. 

There is a huge-sized functions room accommodates in Gateway Garden Ridge for the convenient use of the residents. This room can be used to host parties, events as well as functions of various kinds. Be it birthdays or housewarmings one can easily host an event right at the residing location. This saves the residents from the hassles of the immense hunting of an ideal location while planning an event or party. 

Another addition to the long list of amenities of Gateway Garden Ridge is the presence of Gazebos. This wonderful feature allows the residents to relax in the outdoors as and when desired. There are also a few specially designed units present on the ground floor that come with a beautiful garden attached to it. This gives an entirely special feel. 

Last but not the least, all the various amenities and features of Gateway Garden Ridge are supremely maintained by trained professionals. This additional feature allows the residents to enjoy a top class service all throughout.

  • Ground floor Garden Units
  • Children's pool
  • Children's playground
  • Function room
  • Fitness Center
  • Gazebos
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